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Windpower – Just another economical power source or a premium for clean energy?

After my recent tour of the Solano Windmills just outside San Francisco, I thought, OK this is a good time to finally start this blog. Nextera energy was so kind to host us and provide us with a great tour, and also thanks to PG&E and the folks at the CPUC (The California Public Utilities Commission) for setting this up. I remember years ago watching the movie “Less Than Zero” and at the very end, was a scene where the main characters in the film went on a road trip and drove by a huge wind farm. What a surrealistic vision that was; seeing these massive windmills spinning around, churning out clean energy; an awe inspiring utopian vision of a smart and benevolent government making the investment to take care of it’s citizens and the environment. Now years later I wanted to see it for real – and ask a lot of questions. When I visited Nextera’s High Winds facility at the Solano Wind location I was not disappointed. As I drove across the Bencia Bridge just outside San Francisco, I glanced over my right shoulder and could see the windmills from more than 10 miles away. This was exciting. I thought about all the work I had done in alternative energy, and now I was going to find the answers to many of my unanswered questions; answers I could only find by talking to the line people running these facilities. These were answers I would not find on the Internet or talking to energy experts.

You see the crane to give you perspective