Smart & Clean Energy and Ground Transportation

Electric Cars

Why Electric Vehicles?

More often than not, those involved in an undertaking have completely different objectives and this is the cause of most failures. Addressing the core reasons for doing anything is often the most important, the most controversial / complex, and thus the most avoided. But when it comes to something as important as the future of energy and our environment, we collectively cannot afford to avoid looking carefully at our national energy strategy and the motivations of the various players in this market. There are broadly 2 reasons why one would be involved in the electric car industry: (more…)

Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure

The great challenge of infrastructure is often the hidden deterrent to adoption for many technologies. There are many issues with Electric Vehicle adoption that are very well covered in a book by Bernie Landoz which is available on Kindle (link). But I’d like to now comment on the EV infrastructure as I’ve recently attended several meetings regarding this issue and met with several vendors who provide EV infrastructure. The key issues to keep in mind are: (more…)

Electric Vehicles: Many Different Kinds

Clean electric vehicles have arrived to help us save the environment and move us closer to energy independence (i.e. not relying on and funding unstable regimes). Understanding if and how much these vehicles contribute towards reducing global warming and increasing energy independence is a complex issue which I have addressed in another place. Here, I want to point out that in order to understand this issue, we first need to understand the different kinds of electric vehicles.